Saturday, March 1, 2008

Preschool for LB (2008-2010)

I have decided to call it Not-K this year
Revised Dec 12, 2009

everything but math
We are doing Sonlight LA K without the readers since we have plenty of those little things.

Newly 5, LB sits with us to do copywork, practice the word cards from the SL K book, and then I do an activity with her and read her a story which she draws a picture of. It is simple and easy so far.

I'm still not trying teach her to read - which she is doing anyway. I just want her to participate with us for a few minutes each day. She's been proudly putting her work on the fridge before she runs off to play.

Math -
RS A - its been sitting around for years. I'm going to open it up and use it.

Revised Aug 9,2009
I guess this year it is K4 or is that still PreK

Explode the Code workbooks for additional word play and their books are great readers
MEP 1 math
Rays New Primary Math done orally
Singapore CWP 1 done slowly and orally. I love word problems.

Lots of reading, playing and exploring. I'm keeping school to just one page a day three days a week of work. My primary goal is to get her reading fluently and ready for easy chapters by this time next year. She has started reading CVC and CCVC words already. She'll join us for our geology hikes and history lessons. She's also old enough to take art classes this year and wants ballet.

Older versions of this to see how my planning has evolved.

Revised Feb 7,2009
Singapore Early Bird Math
BJU K5 Math
Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K
Celebrating Art

I realized that RS A just wasn't getting done so we started BJU K5 math. It is a simple workbook but does a great job so far of introducing math. She loves doing her math and gets lots of praise for joining us at the school table and doing her work. She also gets lots of prasie for being smart at math. So far we are just introducing numbers and doing pattern recognition which is plenty for her age. I love Celebrating Art. It helps me to remember to do art at the little-one level at least once a week. It even incorporates a story every few lessons. And speaking of stories - DOH. I had been forgetting to read things like Goldilocks and other classic stories to the little one. I am purposely doing those weekly now. Doing work at the table is voluntary still, but the stories and art are now a part of our routine which is really good.

Singapore Early Bird Math
Right Start Level A
Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K
Earlybird Start-Up Science

Lots of Play, Stories, and Cuddles
In case you noticed it missing, I don't teach my kids to read. The oldest two learned to read despite my best efforts to teach them. I refuse to try to teach this one. She will have to learn it like the others did.

Right now she is 4 and her participation is voluntary. She gets "lessons" on the days that she wants them which is about once a week right now. She gets daily stories of her choice and lots of free play. She has chores and helps out around the house. She loves to play with the dog, hamster, and chickens. She loves to go to the zoo and on nature walks. She is looking forward to starting ballet when she is older. Play is the best teacher for the young.