Saturday, March 1, 2008

Third Grade Plans for CC (2009-2010)

What we are currently using as of December 12, 2009

Saxon 5/4 with Life of Fred Fractions once a week

Sonlight 3+4 LA
in this we are doing the copywork, writing, reading and vocabulary

I don't assign reading - CC reads about an hour a day in addition to her SL reading.

Lively Latin isn't working well for us, I'm just not in the swing with it.
Rosetta Stone French is a new arrival thanks to the school disctric. We'll see how that goes.

Is mainly done at the enrichment school. They do a unit study with those big, expensive science kits and field trips. She reads lots of non-fiction science books and enjoys watching shows like Mythbusters, Popular Mechanics for Kids, and Discovery's Ultimate Guide to the Awesome. We also take frequent trips to the zoo, the natural history museum and the aquarium and lots of nature walks.

CC lives and breathes Roman history so I don't schedule that. She does it after school for fun. I have a big shelf of American history books that we are working through in roughly chronological order. She is also reading Take Me Back on her own, for fun.

We do work on memorizing poetry and lots of it.

That's all of school at this point. She does science, world cultures, art, music, p.e. and chess at her enrichment school once a week and plays, takes care of animals, reads, cooks, helps around the house and does art in her spare time.

Plans as of August 9, 2009
These were finalized about two weeks before school began.

MEP 3b moving through 4
Finish Singapore CWP 3 then 4
Ray's New Intellectual Math for oral review.

We'll start with copywork and dictation using selections from J.H. Ewing.

In Search of a Homeland by Penelope Lively
I'll need to add more after this, but I'll wait before I decide what to add.
There will again be lots of poetry read and memorized.

Foreign Language
Lively Latin
plus we listen to a cd of French songs in the car, and BB is teaching the girls some basic Japanese

We are starting the year by continuing my current obsession with the rocks and geology of or area. We'll be using Hiking Colorado's Geology as our guide. We'll move inside to physical science and mechanics (as opposed to physics which you can't teach without a great deal more math than even an advanced third grader knows) when it gets cold.

Story of the World 3 with a liberal dose of early American history. I'm only planning to get to the Revolutionary War this year. I have a list of the other books we are using on the side of my main blog. I'm not using them all, but I'll put them in as we find topics that interest us.

That is all. I don't schedule reading because she does a lot of that. I don't schedule handwriting because hers is beautiful. I don't schedule art because she takes classes at the local art school. And I am hoping that grammar is covered by Latin and copywork and dictation.

My original plans for third grade.
Singapore Math 4
Sonlight Level 3 Readers These are early American History
Lively Latin or Latin for Children

First Language Lesson 4
Classical Writing Aesop

TOG Year 2 Units 3 and 4 at half pace
Sonlight Level 3 Science DVDs and kit
Artistic Pursuits

What about changing everything and doing OakMeadow 5 next year? I had thought of doing Sonlight 3 for third grade for many years, but recently I realized that she had already read most of the books on the reading list. I like the OM secular history approach. I like that it is integrated with the English. I like that it is artistic. I even like the environmental science. I would keep a writing program because I am firmly committed to a classical writing path. OM would be our art, history, grammar, science, and literature. We would only need OM, math, and writing, plus Latin if we choose.